Herbie, DMD & Me…..

Earlier today I overheard my dentist, a wonderful fellow named Herbie, say to the patient in the room next door:

“I could retire whenever I want to but I love what I do.  So why in the world would I retire?”

I’m almost embarrassed to write that I feel exactly the same way.  I love helping people – health professionals and others – as a consultant, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and coach.

By not rushing or overbooking, there’s enough time in my daily schedule for exercise and spiritual practice, as well as for volunteering and writing. Psychiatric Times, a commercially sponsored electronic and print publication that reaches tens of thousands of mental health professionals around the world each month, recently named me its first “section editor at large.”  On this journalistic beat, I’ll be writing articles about various topics of interest. This recently published piece introduces me in my new role at Psychiatric Times.

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