My Approach: Core Principles

Optimal Timing

Experience has taught me that many of us wait too long before reaching out for the help we need. When it becomes clear that a potential client (yourself, or someone else whose challenges are getting in the way) would benefit from assessment and some ‘just-right’ help, please be in touch.  We’ll discuss the matter and consider a range of viable next steps.  Unfortunately, many people hope that the problem will solve itself and our very human tendency is to wait until ‘the boat is about to go over the falls.’  I advise getting help as far ‘upstream’ as possible. It’s generally safer, more efficient, and less costly than waiting until expensive, heroic measures are called for.

Effective Communication; Straight Talk & Transparency

Sub-optimal communication is often a root cause of the interpersonal challenges that jeopardize our well-being – as individuals, as family members, and, in our careers. We may be too busy to communicate effectively. We may be conflict-avoidant. Our blind spots and our egos convince us that we are right, so we respond angrily or defensively to the feedback we receive from others. The more knowledgeable and accomplished we are, the worse this can be for us and for those who depend on us.  If people in your world feel as though they are walking on eggshells when you’re in the room or on Zoom, it’s only a matter of time until the situation goes from touchy and precarious to downright messy.  I strongly believe in communicating with clarity and directness. When more than one party is involved in a referral, I take great care in defining clear and mutually acceptable communication parameters.

Problems are Almost Always Surmountable

I enjoy helping motivated people to effectively address their personal and/or interpersonal challenges and recapture a sense of vitality and purpose in their personal and professional relationships. Even for people who have taken a wrong turn, most of the time comebacks and turnarounds can be achieved. People with seemingly severe challenges are able to get back on track and thrive, both professionally and personally. I have played a role in hundreds of such turnarounds.

Alignment Around Your Mission

Although hard-driving professionals and leaders are often viewed as ‘difficult,’ they almost always want to improve how they communicate and collaborate with others. Learning to ‘check your baggage at the door’ increases your well-being in a way that helps you to show up as a better person to loved ones and co-workers. If that kind of improvement does not motivate you, then I may not be able to be of assistance. However, if your core mission involves excellent interactions with other people, I should be able to help you identify, surmount and eliminate the obstacles, blind spots, and friction points that sometimes get in the way.  Heightening stakeholder and client awareness of the shared core mission that motivates all parties is central to my approach.

Doing the Right Thing & Getting it Right

Together, we’ll define and stay focused on the greater good, your ‘true north.’ If we encounter sticking points or an impasse in our work, we will stop the action, take a look at the process, and put our heads together to determine what is best for you going forward. Your priorities and satisfaction with this process is the #1 priority. My goal is to get this right on your behalf so that you can reach the agreed-upon goals that we established together at the outset of our work.

Honor, Humility, Humor & Joy

It’s a privilege to be of service to you. By being of service to you, I hope to be helpful to other important people in your world. I am humbled by this multiplier effect, by the importance of doing a great job, and by the trust you place in me. Consequently, I approach every project with vigor, determination, and commitment. Although I take working with you to accomplish your goals very seriously, I make every effort to maintain a sense of humor and an attitude of joy as we collaborate.  If you prefer an approach that is dry, humorless, and overly business-like, we are likely NOT a good fit.


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